Little Rocks

Little Rocks program offers curling instruction for children who range in age from 7 to 12  (as of Dec 31).  Our Little Rock curlers use "Lite" rocks that are made of teflon and weigh only 22 pounds.

The focus is on Fun, Friendship, Etiquette,and Safety while learning curling skills that will last a lifetime. Children are encouraged to stay after curling for a cup of hot chocolate with their teammates!


There are essentially two juniors age groups: Under 18 and Under 21. Typically we do not get enough juniors out to run a league but they often play against the adults.

Team Kaeser has been competing in the NWT and represented the NWT at the U21 national championships. They were the youngest team. They also represented the NWT in the Arctic Winter Games 2018 in Fort Smith.


Doubles curling is a modified version of curling in which there are only two players. Typically, the player who throws the rock sweeps their own rock while the other player calls the shot.

There are two versions of doubles, mixed doubles and open doubles. Mixed doubles is one male and one female player per team. It made its debut at the last Olympics. Open doubles teams can be any mixture of male and female players.

Friday Night

Friday Night Fun League is a social league for curlers of all levels. People create their own teams of friends and family and come out to play on Friday evenings. This is a great way to learn to curl or to get some more ice time.

The club organizes dinners on most Friday nights so people will come out and socialize before and/or after their games. Friday nights are all about fun and socializing. Don't take the winning and losing too seriously.

Tuesday Night

Tuesday night league is for my competitive curlers. Teams might just want to curl at a higher level of competition or might actually want to prepare for territorial or national events.

Teams can be all male, all female or mixed... they can be seniors, adults or juniors. Teams will play against each other regardless of which level or make-up they are. This is still about having fun but at a higher level of competitiveness.


Seniors curlers typically are curling on Tuesday and Friday nights. However, there are different events in the NWT and Canada that they may want to prepare for.

Seniors curling is a great way to keep active or compete at a high level. If there are enough teams, seniors could organize themselves to play on another day or evening.