Club Executive

The new executive for 2022-2023 was elected during the AGM on September 10, 2022. Thanks to all those who put their names forward for election.


Jeff O'Keefe, President

Old Jeff has been in Fort Smith since 1997 and has been a curler off and on for several years. He served previously as the Treasurer and Vice President.

Kevin Hawkshaw, VP & NWTCA Rep

Kevin is the newest to Fort Smith. He has taken on the roles of Vice President and NWTCA rep for this year.


Jara Watts, Treasurer

Jara was a former junior curler in our club. She was previously our secretary and now she is taking on the responsibilities of our Treasurer.

Jeff C

Young Jeff served as the President from 2019-2022
He helped get Little Rocks curling back up and running.

Kim, Lori and Janelle

Kim, Lori and Janelle have been actively involved as the moms of Team Kaeser. They have all served on our executive for years.

Lora and Nick

Lora Browne and Nick Kaeser are two people who have been critical to our club for years.


Janie Hobart may spend a lot of time traveling the world but she still finds time to get back to the NWT for competitions.

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