Playing Through COVID-19

Modified Game Play

  1. Teams can be 3 or 4 players but only 3 players can play each delivered rock. Players should always use the same rocks (ie. first use 1 & 2; second use 3 & 4; third use 5 & 6; skip use 7 & 8).
  2. The sweeper can sweep the rock between the hog lines.
  3. The skip can sweep after the rock crosses the far hog line. (Note: Curling Canada play guidelines indicate that the skip cannot sweep at all but out plan indicated this relaying of sweeping. Either option is acceptable.)
  4. The opposing skip cannot sweep the rock at all.
  5. Keep score on your phone.
  6. Instead of a handshake, give a friendly wave or tap brooms to start the game. Use an app to do the coin flip.
  7. Stay off to the side or out of the way while the opposing team is playing. The non-sweeping player of the delivering team must stay off to the side as well.
  8. If there are two games happening at the same time, use sheets 1 and 3. If there is only one game you can play on sheet 2.

Curling Canada Return to Play

Click on each tab to see more information about all things related to our Return to Curling Plan

Every player will be required to sign a COVID-related waiver before they can play. Parents are required to sign an assumption of risk for those under 19.

We have created a policy that basically states that you cannot play if you are sick, isolating, or live with someone who is isolating.

Each player will be required to sign this declaration of compliance indicating that they agree to comply with our rules and policies:

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